Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Monitor your holdings in real-time across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.


Monitor multiple exchanges via their APIs every minute.

View profit & loss on a per-coin, per-exchange, or full portfolio basis.

Automatically synchronise if you deposit, withdraw, or trade on an exchange.

Use the correct converison rate for exchanges (this often varies by a few % between exchanges).

View the estimated value of your portfolio in XBT, GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, or JPY.


We use APIs to monitor your personal exchange accounts every minute, so usage of this website raises valid security questions.

See our FAQ for information.

What Exchanges Do We Support?

Future Plans

Currently we only support a few of the larger cryptocurrency exchanges and provide a monitoring service for these. But over time we aim to also support monitoring of things like gold & shares, we just need to find exchanges that have the right APIs and that people want to use with us!

Get in touch if you have any suggestions!

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