Kucoin Review (September 2018)

Kucoin is a popular cryptocurrency exchange supporting a wide range of altcoins. It grew in popularity rapidly in late 2017 & early 2018, and has its own coin called Kucoin Shares (KCS).

Below we provide a review of the Kucoin exchange.

Pros & cons of Kucoin

Kucoin's user interface is medium-difficulty in terms of ease-of-use, very similar to other similar exchanges like Binance (although Binance is arguably easier to use). CEX for example is much easier to use, and Kraken much harder.


  • Although the user interface isn't ideal for beginners, they have links to useful tutorials on the logged in homepage for things like depositing/withdrawing and trading.
  • Support for many different altcoins.
  • Has support for 12 different languages (the UI for changing this is very similar to Binance).


  • In June 2018, the majority of posts on their subreddit seem to be negative, mainly based around deposit/withdrawal issues & small bugs. An official Kucoin account seems to be responding to most of these posts trying to help.
  • In January 2018 Kucoin removed their affiliate program without really telling anyone. Perhaps this was because their affiliate program was multi-tier, and multi-tier reward programs because synonymous with scams/ponzi schemes around this time (where even legitimate services became targeted). Alternatively they might have just been overwhelmed with new users so no longer needed the benefits of the program. Regardless, they added it back again later in 2018, but many users are having problems with this new program.
  • Claiming referral rewards is confusing. Many exchanges like Binance & CEX automatically add rewards to your balance, Kucoin requires you to manually move rewards to your wallet.
  • Kucoin don't offer read-only API keys yet, so Kucoin can't be used securely on coin trackers that support API syncing.

If you want to try using Kucoin, we posted a getting started tutorial here.

Kucoin Fees

Kucoin doesn't charge fees for deposits, but does for withdrawals and trading. For withdrawal fees see our Kucoin Fees Comparison here. For trading they use a similar system to Binance, where they charge 0.1% each time you make a trade.

They have their own coin called Kucoin Shares (KCS) which give you a trading discount if you hold them in your account. This is different to Binance in that you don't get a 50% discount just for holding KCS, and you need to hold 1,000 or more for the discount to apply - where you get 1% off per 1,000 you hold (up to a maximum of 30% off, or a fee of 0.07% per trade).

Kucoin Shares (KCS) trading discount rate:

  • Holding 999 KCS = 0% discount
  • Holding 1,000 KCS = 1% discount
  • Holding 30,000 KCS = 30% discount
  • Holding 40,000 KCS = 30% discount (because 30% is the highest discount)

Who's the team behind Kucoin?

Kucoin look to have 6 offices around the world and employees from 12 countries. Their development team have been researching blockchain technology since 2011, and the exchange's technical architecture was achieved back in 2013 (they seem to have spent several years ironing out technical details).

There was some controversy around Kucoin's team on the 3rd March 2018 because the names and pictures of team members were removed from their website, leading to claims of Kucoin planning an exit scam. It seems more likely that Kucoin are being more private about their management team, perhaps to deter abuse due to their recent growth. Or this might have just been deemed an unnecessary page, as you can view their company profile on LinkedIn (with links to their CEO's profile for example).

When was Kucoin launched?

Kucoin's international site was announced on the 19th September 2017. Prior to this, their development team seems to have been assembled in May 2017, and they had private/angel investment in August 2017.

How many users does Kucoin have?

This is difficult to see in real-time, but Kucoin have posted data about their active users on their website and in their newsletter. Their most recent posts:

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