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Bitcoin is become very popular in 2018, with many new people buying it for the first time. A big problem for these people is that many guides on Bitcoin, in particular related to tax, aren't really beginner friendly. They assume you know what certain terms mean, and have a general idea of how tax works.

This guide will explain Bitcoin/cryptocurrency tax in a beginner-friendly way.

Many people have started to buy and trade cryptocurrencies in 2018, some earning large amounts of money. What a lot of people have overlooked though is that they'll likely have to pay tax on these earnings, with reports of few Americans reporting their crypto holdings days before their April 17th tax deadline.

This guide will go through what is considered a tax year in various countries l...

Many people are buying Bitcoin/cryptocurrency in the hope of earning money. Some see it as a way to hide their money away from government regulation; these people need to be aware that if you're earning money by trading or holding cryptocurrency, this income will likely be taxable.

This guide will go through the relevant regulation in countries like the USA, UK, Russia, China, and several...

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