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As Bitcoin becomes more popular, it's starting to see significant increases in difficulty. This effects the profitability of mining it, where as difficulty goes up Bitcoin mining profitability goes down.

This guide will go through a number of charts available displaying Bitcoin's difficult, and go through the pros and cons, as depending on your experience and goals specific charts may be ...

When you start mining Bitcoin you first need to buy hardware, and next need to set that hardware up. Many people find this second step difficult.

This guide answers common questions around Bitcoin mining software such as if it's free or if it's dangerous to install it on a PC; and at the bottom we list the best available mining software in 2018 (there are similar comparisons available fro...

In 2018 Bitcoin has become very popular, leading to many dozens of websites offering tools like Bitcoin mining calculators - even us! This guide will go through several of these, and highlight the best across 3 categories: simple to use, customisation & predictions.

Best Bitcoin mining calculator for beginners

When you first get involved in Bitcoin mining, y...

On the 24th April 2018, Bitmain announced a new Bytom ASIC miner called the Antminer B3. Prior to the 24th April, Bytom was an Ethereum-based ERC20 token rather than a coin itself. The Bytom mainnet (e.g. it's standalone coin) was launched on the 24th along with the Antminer B3.

Because the B3 and Bytom mainnet were released at the same time, there's both a lack of tooling around this coi...

On the 3rd May 2018, Bitmain released an ASIC miner for Equihash-based coins such as ZCash, ZClassic, ZenCash and Bitcoin Gold. This miner is around 6x more cost effective than than mining Equihash with a GPU, so the implications of this ASIC are significant.

This guide will explain what the Antminer Z9 Mini is, how it compares against other ASICs/GPUs, and risks associated with buying it...

On the 3rd April 2018, Bitmain released a new ASIC miner for Ethash, used by coins like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. This miner is called the Antminer E3, and offers 180MH/s of hashpower at 800W.

This guide will go through risks associated with the Antminer E3, comparing it against current GPU mining hardware, and summarise a potential Ethereum hard-fork/change to proof-of-stake.

We posted a guide in late March 2018 explaining what the Antminer X3 was, and went through why it was a very high-risk ASIC miner to buy. We're now approaching the 6th April 2018, the date when the X3 profitability will see a significant decrease.

This guide will go through the timeline of events leading to this, and why by May 2018 most coins based on Cryptonight will have become ASIC-re...

In late March 2018, many companies released ASIC miners for the CryptoNight proof-of-work algorithm. The most well known of these is the Antminer X3, but it isn't the only one that was released. Companies like Halong Mining and PinIdea also released ASICs for CryptoNight.

This guide will go through alternative ASICs to the Antminer X3, comparing them against the cost, hashrate and power o...

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