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In early 2018 Bitcoin's price has been very volatile, dropping by as much as $2,000 (25%) in a single day on the 5th/6th Feb. Equally on the 12th April 2018 we saw the opposite of this, where Bitcoin's price went up by $800 in less than an hour (an increase of 11%).

This 12th April increase in particular had a lot of people curious as to what caused it. Was is some news event, or maybe ma...

On the 4th April 2018, a post was made on Bitcointalk forums about an exploit in Verge (XVG). Specifically that someone has found a way to mine blocks in Verge much faster than normal, at a rate of one block per second, causing many new Verge to be created and given to the malicious person/group behind this.

This guide will explain what's happened here, why it happened, and possible futur...

On the 16th January 2018, Bitconnect posted an update titled 'Halt of lending and exchange platform'. On the 17th January 2018 posts about this are starting to appear on the front page of Reddit and on news websites.

This guide will explain what Bitconnect was for someone 'out of the loop', why it shut down, and what the implications are for investors and promoters.

This g...

In December 2017/January 2018, many Bitcoin exchanges have been disabling registrations for new users. Some users are claiming that these exchanges plan to shut down and run away with user funds, others claim that this is just because of popular demand.

In this post we'll go through which exchanges are affected, and why this is happening.

What exchanges are affected?

On 10th December 2017 CBOE Global Markets unveiled plans to launch Bitcoin futures, and then on the 17th the CME Group. For the CME Group in particular, as they're offering very high trading volume, this could have a significant effect on Bitcoin's price.

In this guide we'll go through what could happen and the related arguments for/against.

What are Bitcoin futures?

Over the past 24 hours, between the 11th-12th November 2017, the price of Bitcoin Cash has increased from around $1000, spiked up to $2440 and then crashed down to $1500. There are numerous posts on Reddit and news websites about why this happened and what it means, but many of these are very one-sided.

This post is intended to be more objective, explaining the arguments supporting Bitcoi...

2 hours ago, at 5pm UTC, the group behind the upcoming SegWit2x fork have announced that they are suspending their plans for this fork (e.g. SegWit2x has been cancelled).

This will have a big impact over the next month for the price of Bitcoin and altcoins. This guide explains what could happen and the potential long-term implications of this. First we analyse some indicators of a potenti...

Back on the 4th September 2017, China's central bank released a notice that ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) were officially banned in China.

This guide will explain what might happen in the longer-term, and important things to keep in mind in the short-term.

Avoiding the FUD

There are lots of dramatic stories going around at the moment, some examples:

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