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Monero is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency designed to keep user transactions private. For coins like Bitcoin, each time you send it to someone, the public from/to address and the amount of that transaction is available in a public ledger. Monero offers an option to shield the from/to addresses and amount, allowing for censorship-resistant private transactions.

This guide will go through ...

NEO, formerly called Antshares, is a platform for creating smart contracts similar to Ethereum. It's often referred to as China's Ethereum, perhaps because it was developed by Shanghai-based fintech firm Onchain, and has partnered with China-based companies like Alibaba.

It also offeres benefits like fast transactions and support for numerous programming languages. This guide will go thro...

HTML Coin is a new 'hybrid' coin built with a combination of Bitcoin Core's technology, proof-of-stake and Ethereum's Virtual Machine. It's purpose seems to be utilising the benefits of Qtum (click here for more info on these), but to offer additional functionality on top of that. We've seen this referred to as 'Qtum 2.0' on several websites.

Although this coin is referred to as 'HTMLCOIN...

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, with the goal of being resistant to ASICs.

What is an ASIC?

Many popular cryptocurrencies are proof-of-work based, where a task is done in exchange for a reward. This type of cryptocurrency is normally based on a specific hashing algorithm (where this 'work' would be done), some of the more well-known...

Quantstamp is an upcoming protocol with the goal of auditing the security of smart contracts (so things like ICOs).

How will Quantstamp improve security?

In the past for startups to get funding they'd approach venture capitalists, often getting turned down due to high competition even if they had a great idea. In 2017 ICOs have exploded in popularity, allowing a...

We did some research today on ideas for new guides, and were surprised to see that interest in Dogecoin has exploded recently (since May 2017 in particular). So we thought we'd do a quick guide explaining what it is.

What is Doge?

If you google this, you'll get something along the lines of a cryptocurrency based around the 'Doge' internet meme. That's all great,...

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