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There are lots of mobile apps and websites being developed in 2018 for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios on exchanges and wallets. Many people use these unaware of the potential risks.

In this guide we go through the risks of using Crypto Portfolio Trackers, and ways to minimise them.

Before we begin, for full disclosure, we're developing our own Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Bitcoin trading has become very popular in 2018, with many people keen to get a piece of the 1500% gains seen over 2017 in Bitcoin. Some after seeing losses in corrections have turned to alternative ways to trade, such as arbitrage.

This guide will explain what arbitrage is, how to find arbitrage opportunities for Bitcoin, and how to actually do this kind of trading (both manually and usi...

Going into 2018 Bitcoin's price has dropped significantly, from around $19,900 on 17th December 2017 right down to $8,036 on 4th February 2018.

Preparing yourself ahead of time allows you to take advantage of the situation, and even during the drop being aware of certain things can be beneficial. This guide will go through things to do before and during what people refer to as Bitcoin pri...

When venturing into the cryptocurrency world, decentralization is a very popular buzzword. Many people claim that even Bitcoin itself isn't truly decentralized, that whoever controls a lot of its mining hashpower can slow down transactions or

When you send Bitcoin to someone, whether it be an exchange/wallet or to buy something, you need to pay a fee to send it. In early 2017 these fees were minimal, less than $1. But in December 2017 and going into 2018 average fees are now $20+, reaching as high as $60 in many cases.

This guide will go through two upcoming technologies, Segwit and Lightning Network, which allow Bitcoin p...

There are dozens of Bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchanges out there, and some of them offer affiliate programs to reward people who help bring new users. In principle this is very simple, you get a reward in exchange for referring a new user. But in practice, each exchange gives this reward in a different form - sometimes in Bitcoin, sometimes in USD and sometimes in altcoins.

This guide will ...

Bitcoin can be used to buy things online, trade on exchanges or just be held long-term. It's a good idea to use a VPN when doing any of this to keep your Bitcoin safe. This guide will go through things you should look for when choosing a VPN & give suggestions for VPNs you can buy with Bitcoin.

Any links in this guide may be affiliate links. Where used these were added after VPN...

When you first buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, to buy them you need an account on an exchange. Most exchanges allow you to buy larger coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but if you want to buy smaller coins often you need to create accounts on more than one exchange. If storing long-term you'll also need to create wallets for each coin you own.

For 1 or 2 exchanges/wallets this is fin...

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