Antminer X3 Alternatives (April 2018)

In late March 2018, many companies released ASIC miners for the CryptoNight proof-of-work algorithm. The most well known of these is the Antminer X3, but it isn't the only one that was released. Companies like Halong Mining and PinIdea also released ASICs for CryptoNight.

This guide will go through alternative ASICs to the Antminer X3, comparing them against the cost, hashrate and power of the X3.

Antminer X3 Benchmark

At the time of writing this, there are two batches of the X3 available, one for delivery in May 2018 (batch 3 selling for $3,000), and one for delivery in June 2018 (batch 4, selling for $1,900). Both of these batches offer 220KH/s at 550W.

Be aware that at these prices and delivery dates, this is a very high risk miner to buy, as many coins using this algorithm will likely hard fork soon (where these ASICs will no longer be efficient at mining them). See this guide if this is a surprise to you. The goal of this guide is to see if competing miners are more cost effective.


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Antminer X3, 220KH/s (supplier cost $1,900 - $3,000)

Quantity to achieve 220KH/s: 1
Power: 550W

DragonMint X1, 124 KH/s (supplier cost $1714)

Quantity to achieve 220KH/s: 1.77
Equivalent power: 435W
Equivalent cost: $3,034

DragonMint X2, 248 KH/s (supplier cost $3115)

Quantity to achieve 220KH/s: 0.89
Equivalent power: 435W
Equivalent cost: $2,772

PinIdea RR-200, 27 KH/s ($5,000 on Amazon)

Quantity to achieve 220KH/s: 8.15
Equivalent power: 2,852W
Equivalent cost: $40,750

Baikal Giant-N, 20 KH/s ($3,344 on Amazon)

Quantity to achieve 220KH/s: 11
Equivalent power: 660W
Equivalent cost: $36,784

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