Mining Calculator

This Bitcoin/Hardware Mining calculator estimates the profitability of a range of available ASIC miners, taking into account power costs, potential difficulty and price increases.

WARNING: Cryptocurrency mining is high risk, especially the Antminer E3, Antminer X3 and Antminer A3 (their profitability will likely drop very fast; also Ethereum has plans to change to proof-of-stake at some point, which would make any Ethereum-based miner obsolete, and the X3 likely won't be able to mine Monero efficiently after its upcoming fork). Do NOT invest money you can't afford to lose.

NameCoinCostHashpowerCurrentOptimistic Prediction15% difficulty increase monthly10% price increase monthlySkeptical Prediction40% difficulty increase monthly8% price increase monthly
Antminer A3Siacoin (SC)Current difficulty: 19677.14P$980.00815GH/s1,186W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$2,833.25, 186,464.760$2,833.25, 186,464.760$5,667 (578%)$2,032.19, 96,863.966$768.45, 18,104.568$2,801 (286%)$597.76, 53,426.2713$0.00, 942.3635$598 (61%)Buy
Antminer E3Ethereum (ETH)Current difficulty: 3.18P$800.00180MH/s800W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$2,599.98, Ξ5.145$2,599.98, Ξ5.145$5,200 (650%)$1,916.60, Ξ2.673$838.52, Ξ0.500$2,755 (344%)$601.63, Ξ1.4741$0.00, Ξ0.0260$602 (75%)
DragonMint 16TBitcoin (BTC)Current difficulty: 3.84T$2500.0016TH/s1,480W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$2,016.52, ฿0.368$2,016.52, ฿0.368$4,033 (161%)$1,332.30, ฿0.191$263.95, ฿0.036$1,596 (64%)$349.68, ฿0.1054$0.00, ฿0.0019$350 (14%)
Antminer S9Bitcoin (BTC)Current difficulty: 3.84T$2320.0013.5TH/s1,323W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$1,636.35, ฿0.310$1,636.35, ฿0.310$3,273 (141%)$1,059.23, ฿0.161$173.11, ฿0.030$1,232 (53%)$273.44, ฿0.0889$0.00, ฿0.0016$273 (12%)Buy
Antminer L3+Litecoin (LTC)Current difficulty: 7.71M$1586.00504MH/s800W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$1,059.86, Ł11.542$1,059.86, Ł11.542$2,120 (134%)$696.27, Ł5.996$130.74, Ł1.121$827 (52%)$181.92, Ł3.3071$0.00, Ł0.0583$182 (11%)Buy
Antminer R4Bitcoin (BTC)Current difficulty: 3.84T$1132.008.7TH/s845W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$1,061.71, ฿0.200$1,061.71, ฿0.200$2,123 (188%)$689.66, ฿0.104$116.68, ฿0.019$806 (71%)$178.55, ฿0.0573$0.00, ฿0.0010$179 (16%)Buy
Antminer T9+Bitcoin (BTC)Current difficulty: 3.84T$2008.0010.5TH/s1,332W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$1,011.65, ฿0.241$1,011.65, ฿0.241$2,023 (101%)$562.63, ฿0.125$15.83, ฿0.023$578 (29%)$138.76, ฿0.0692$0.00, ฿0.0012$139 (7%)Buy
Antminer D3Dash (DASH)Current difficulty: 70.77M$1448.0015GH/s1,200W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$228.25, Đ2.504$228.25, Đ2.504$456 (32%)$51.22, Đ1.301$0.00, Đ0.243$51 (4%)$19.02, Đ0.7174$0.00, Đ0.0127$19 (1%)Buy
Antminer S7Bitcoin (BTC)Current difficulty: 3.84T$440.004.7TH/s1,300W, $0.10/kWh1st year2nd yearTotal ROI$0.00, ฿0.108$0.00, ฿0.108$0 (0%)$0.00, ฿0.056$0.00, ฿0.010$0 (0%)$0.00, ฿0.0310$0.00, ฿0.0005$0 (0%)Buy

This calculator is similar to other mining calculators, but provides a user-friendly comparison of available hardware, taking into account power cost & pool fees, and comparing current profitability on one page. We also provide optimistic/skeptical predictions for return on investment over 2 years based on current difficulty & fiat prices (updated every hour). Remember that these are predictions, not facts. Factors that we're not aware of may change these calculations, making profitability far higher or far lower.

If this is your first time buying an Antminer, see our guide on things to consider beforehand.

Never invest money you can't afford to lose.

All information on this website is for general informational purposes only, it is not intended to provide legal or financial advice. We encourage you to consult your own legal & financial advisors before making any cryptocurrency-related purchase.