eToro has become the go-to platform for buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in early 2018, as it allows you to invest in Bitcoin without a lot of the technical knowledge you might need when using an exchange.

This guide will go through how to start trading Bitcoin/cryptocurrency on eToro.

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When you send Bitcoin to someone, whether it be an exchange/wallet or to buy something, you need to pay a fee to send it. In early 2017 these fees were minimal, less than $1. But in December 2017 and going into 2018 average fees are now $20+, reaching as high as $60 in many cases.

This guide will go through two upcoming technologies, Segwit and Lightning Network, which allow Bitcoin p...

Crypto copy trading has become very popular going into 2018. In the past where you might give your money to an asset manager, fund or day trader; in the social-media era we're now in, traders now have the option to share their trading activity publically and allow people to copy them (hence the name 'copy trading').

As insane as this sounds, there are lots of benefits vs more mature appro...

On the 16th January 2018, Bitconnect posted an update titled 'Halt of lending and exchange platform'. On the 17th January 2018 posts about this are starting to appear on the front page of Reddit and on news websites.

This guide will explain what Bitconnect was for someone '

Many people are buying Bitcoin/cryptocurrency in the hope of earning money. Some see it as a way to hide their money away from government regulation; these people need to be aware that if you're earning money by trading or holding cryptocurrency, this income will likely be taxable.

This guide will go through the relevant regulation in countries like the USA, UK, Russia, China, and several...

Many large Bitcoin exchanges have been overwhelmed by new users in late 2017. Going into January 2018, this has led to many smaller exchanges growing very fast. Kucoin is an upcoming Bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange in 2018.

In the first week of 2018 Kucoin's traffic has tripled, currently at over half a million active users as of

In December 2017/January 2018, many Bitcoin exchanges have been disabling registrations for new users. Some users are claiming that these exchanges plan to shut down and run away with user funds, others claim that this is just because of popular demand.

In this post we'll go through which exchanges are affected, and why this is happening.

What exchanges are affected?

In January 2018, the Binance exchange has grown to be one of the most popular in the world. Although they offer lots of coins and great performance, at the time of writing this they've disabled signups for new users - so if you don't already have an account you'll have to look elsewhere.

This guide will go through some alternative exchanges to Binance which are allowing signups as of 7th ...

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