Generally there are two ways to store Bitcoin, in a wallet or on an exchange. Wallets are very secure because you need the private key to send money from them. Exchanges are less secure, but to improve security you can use two-factor authentication, where you have a second step after your password before you can login. In both scenarios, you need to store a private key (for two-factor this priv...

This guide gives the current profitability of all cloud mining contracts on CCG Mining. These numbers were calculated on 12th March 2018.

To compare contracts equally, we scale hashpower down to a $30 initial investment. Calculations are made using our cloud mining calculator: We did a similar comparison for HashFlare here.


Coinbase is a popular platform for buying cryptocurrencies in 2018. For newcomers it's user interface is very user friendly and less intimidating than exchanges like Kraken or Bittrex, easily allowing Bitcoin to be bought with credit/debit cards.

But Coinbase isn't perfect. It charges very high fees, supports a limited range of countries, offers a limited range of coins (BTC, BCH, LTC and...

HashFlare has had two sales in 2018 so far, one for Valentine's Day back in February, and now one for Spring. In this guide we'll go through if these discounts are worthwhile, or if they're just because of a decrease in demand.

HashFlare's price changes over 2018

HashFlare tend to change their prices quite often. ...

HTML Coin is a new 'hybrid' coin built with a combination of Bitcoin Core's technology, proof-of-stake and Ethereum's Virtual Machine. It's purpose seems to be utilising the benefits of Qtum (click here for more info on these), but to offer additional functionality on top of that. We've seen this referred to as 'Qtum 2.0' on several websites.

Although this coin is referred to as 'HTMLCOIN...

There are lots of mobile apps and websites being developed in 2018 for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios on exchanges and wallets. Many people use these unaware of the potential risks.

In this guide we go through the risks of using Crypto Portfolio Trackers, and ways to minimise them.

Before we begin, for full disclosure, we're developing our own Crypto Portfolio Tracker ...

As Bitcoin is becoming more widely known in 2018, demand for Bitcoin exchanges/brokers is rising. Many tech-savvy people tend to use exchanges, as it allows them full ownership of their crypto and low fees, but brokers such as IQ Option are also becoming very popular.

This guide will go through how to start trading Bitcoin/cryptocurrency on IQ Option.

We posted a related guide...

Bitcoin trading has become very popular in 2018, with many people keen to get a piece of the 1500% gains seen over 2017 in Bitcoin. Some after seeing losses in corrections have turned to alternative ways to trade, such as arbitrage.

This guide will explain what arbitrage is, how to find arbitrage opportunities for Bitcoin, and how to actually do this kind of trading (both manually and usi...

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