If you want to buy or sell Bitcoin, you'll need an exchange/broker. Generally there are two ways of doing this:


If you're new to Bitcoin, you'll have come across terms like 'Bitcoin Mining' and you likely won't know what any of these mean. This guide explains what these terms mean, why mining is needed - and how you can get involved with it.

What is Bitcoin?

Well to start, Bitcoin is a digital currency, sometimes it's also called a cryptocurrency. It's essentially a digit...

Crypto News

Over the past 24 hours, between the 11th-12th November 2017, the price of Bitcoin Cash has increased from around $1000, spiked up to $2440 and then crashed down to $1500. There are numerous posts on Reddit and news websites about why this happened and what it means, but many of these are very one-sided.

This post is intended to be more objective, explaining the arguments supporting Bitcoi...

Crypto News

2 hours ago, at 5pm UTC, the group behind the upcoming SegWit2x fork have announced that they are suspending their plans for this fork (e.g. SegWit2x has been cancelled).

This will have a big impact over the next month for the price of Bitcoin and altcoins, this guide explains what could happen - and the potential long-term implications of this. First we analyse some indicators of a poten...


In August 2017, there was lots of hype around the Antminer D3, a new ASIC miner for mining Dash, because at the time it was incredibly profitable compared to other available mining hardware.

Approaching 2018, as these new miners have been set up - the difficulty of Dash has been going up rapidly. This guide explains what's been happening and why.



There are lots of websites comparing the pros and cons of Bitcoin trading sites (exchanges). In late 2017 many exchanges have been effected by regulation, causing these existing comparisons to be out-of-date - in some cases listing exchanges that are potentially shutting down soon or not allowing withdrawals.

This guide aims to give up-to-date information for November 2017.


When you first hear about Bitcoin - you'll see lots of things saying you can earn money by HODLing, trading or mining Bitcoin. This guide gives an overview of all the ways you can earn money with Bitcoin, and gives the difficulty and risk of each method.


This terms (rumoured to stand for 'Hold On for Deal Life') refers to people who just hold cryptocurrenci...


Lot of people will claim that they can predict the price of cryptocurrencies very accurately, this guide explains some of the methods people use.

Methods for predicting price

At its core, the value of a cryptocurrency is determined by the supply available and the demand for it - similar to shares & commodities like gold. In an ideal world this is true, but r...


Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin, with the goal of being resistent to ASICs.

What is ASIC?

Many popular cryptocurrencies are proof-of-work based, where a task is done in exchange for a reward. This type of cryptocurrency is normally based on a specific hashing algorithm (where this 'work' would be done), some of the more


When you first buy Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, it can be a very confusing process. There are dozens of available exchanges and wallets, each with different pros/cons & security risks.

This guide is an introduction for beginners on how to start this process in a safe & secure way.

Depending on the country you live in, the ideal exchange will vary. Do some research in ...


There are a range of Bitcoin mining rigs available, and each of them takes a different amount of time to earn your initial money back (break even). This guide gives some estimates of how profitable these are based on the latest Bitcoin difficulty & price in November 2017.

Tools to work out profitability

There are lots of tools for working out profitability, ...


There are lots of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) coming out in late 2017. While writing this guide in October 2017, there are some 50 active ICOs, with new ones scheduled for release every day.

The issue is, not all of these are going to instantly earn you lots of money. Anyone that's tech savy can create...


Quantstamp is an upcoming protocol with the goal of auditing the security of smart contracts (so things like ICOs).

How will Quantstamp improve security?

In the past for startups to get funding they'd approach venture capitalists, often getti...


When we created this website our plan was always to keep our guides free, so you wouldn't have to pay a monthly fee to view them. Common ways of generating revenue for free content that we considered were advertising and affiliates. We decided to go for the affiliate route, where we'd use affiliate programs within the cryptocurrency space.

This guide lists the affiliates we currently use,...


Margin trading is the process of borrowing money from a broker/exchange to be able to buy a larger amount of an asset than with just your own money. This guide explains how they can do this, and when/if you should use it when trading Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies.

To limit potential losses, it's a good idea to know how stop-losses work when working with margin. We've posted a


A stop-loss is an order type to limit potential losses on a cryptocurrency trade. If coming from stock market trading you may have used these, if not you may not have heard of them. This guide is explains what they are, and why they should be used differently in Bitcoin/cryptocurrency vs the stock market.

This guide doesn't cover margin orders, we've posted a separate guide


This guide gives the current profitability of all cloud mining contracts on Genesis Mining. These numbers were calculated on the 4th November 2017.

In this comparison we work out profitability using a $30 initial investment (scaled down for Monero & ZCash, where contracts start at $50). Generally all of their plans decrease by about 10% if you invest 10x more (e.g. if you invest $300, you...


We did some research today on ideas for new guides, and were surprised to see that interest in Dogecoin has exploded recently (since May 2017 in particular). So we thought we'd do a quick guide explaining what it is!

What is Doge?

If you google this, you'll get something along the lines of a cryptocurrency based around the 'Doge' internet meme. That's all great,...


TradingView has become very popular for sharing predictions on Bitcoin & altcoins over the upcoming days/months. We thought we'd take a look at some of the popular traders on there to see how often their predictions are right.

We'll start with some quick tips on getting started - as if you follow say 20 authors, you may find if impossible to keep track of trades and end up losing any ...


In August 2017 & early September, there have been lots of articles posted about the Antminer D3 being a great invesment - as it paid back its cost within as little as 20 days.

Approaching the end of September onwards, this profitability has been decreasing rapidly - and may continue to do so, so we thought we'd post a guide explaining the rapidly changing situation.


Crypto News

Back on the 4th September 2017, China's central bank released a notice that ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) were officially banned in China.

We posted a guide about some potential short-term trade opportunities caused by this, see that guide here.

This guide will explain what might happen i...


There are lots of videos and articles on what Bitcoin difficulty is, and lots of charts on how it's changed over the past couple of years. But this isn't really helpful if you're thinking about investing in cloud mining, or maybe even buying your own mining rig.

This guide has our thoughts on what will effect Bitcoin difficulty over 2018.

We posted a guide on Genesis Minin...


There are lots of ways to invest in Bitcoin, ranging from just owning it to things like mining/trading. This is a quick guide on how to get started on each of these, this is based around Bitcoin - but applies to all cryptocurrencies. It's a good idea to own around 10 different cryptocurrencies, we'll write a guide on this in the future.

Often investors will only put money in one thing, fo...


This guide is based around Bitcoin, but applies to most other cryptocurrencies too!

When you first hear about Bitcoin, you'll probably see lots of talk about Bitcoin wallets. Terms like online wallets, hardware wallets, maybe even paper wallets. This is a quick guide to explain what these all are, and what you should do to start!

Owning Bitcoin

So whe...


Read this bit if you don't know what an ICO or an IPO is:

If you're not sure what shares are, or maybe you've heard of them but never bought one, this quick intro is for you!

So most big companies like Apple and Google are publically traded. This means that they sell a percentage of their company to the public in exchange for money. Large companies will issue millio...

Crypto News

Yesterday, China's central bank released a notice that ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) were officially banned in China.

See the notice here (although it's in Chinese, so you'll have to Google Translate it).

The immediate effect of this was a drop in the price of many crypt...


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