There are lots of mobile apps and websites being developed in 2018 for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios on exchanges and wallets. Many people use these unaware of the potential risks.

In this guide we go through the risks of using Crypto Portfolio Trackers, and ways to minimise them.

Before we begin, for full disclosure, we're developing our own Crypto Portfolio Tracker ...

As Bitcoin is becoming more widely known in 2018, demand for Bitcoin exchanges/brokers is rising. Many tech-savvy people tend to use exchanges, as it allows them full ownership of their crypto and low fees, but brokers such as IQ Option are also becoming very popular.

This guide will go through how to start trading Bitcoin/cryptocurrency on IQ Option.

We posted a related guide o...

Bitcoin trading has become very popular in 2018, with many people keen to get a piece of the 1500% gains seen over 2017 in Bitcoin. Some after seeing losses in corrections have turned to alternative ways to trade, such as arbitrage.

This guide will explain what arbitrage is, how to find arbitrage opportunities for Bitcoin, and how to actually do this kind of trading (both manually and usi...

This guide gives the current profitability of all available cloud mining contracts on Genesis Mining on 9th February 2018.

To compare contracts equally, we scale hashpower down to a $30 initial investment. Calculations are made using our cloud mining calculator: www.anythingc...

In early 2018, Bitcoin's price has decreased significantly. This has raised a concern with HashFlare where if Bitcoin's price continues dropping, mining contracts may expire early. This guide goes explains the logic behind this, and the Bitcoin price that could trigger it.

HashFlare daily fees are in USD

When you buy a Bitcoin mining contract with HashFlare you ...

The company behind the Antminer S9, Bitmain, released a new ASIC miner for Siacoin called the Antminer A3 in January 2018.

This guide will go through the profitability of this miner, associated risks, and compare it against other miners like the S9, L3+ and T9+.

What is the Antminer A3?

Announced on

Going into 2018 Bitcoin's price has dropped significantly, from around $19,900 on 17th December 2017 right down to $8,036 on 4th February 2018.

Preparing yourself ahead of time allows you to take advantage of the situation, and even during the drop being aware of certain things can be beneficial. This guide will go through things to do before and during what people refer to as Bitcoin pri...

HashFlare cloud mining is becoming very popular in 2018, and one particular aspect of it has us a bit worried; reinvesting. In this guide we go through some risks of reinvesting your mined coins on HashFlare.

YouTuber Income is Exaggerated

A lot of YouTubers have been posting videos on HashFlare reinvestment strategies in January 2018, and many of them show thei...

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